AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 32

AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 32
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AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 32

Q1:Which are the relational operators in RPG?

Answer: GT, GE, LT, LE and EQ.

Q2:Difference between CALL and SBMJOB command?

Answer: CALL fires interactive job while SBMJOB fires batch job.

Q3:Whcih is the subsystem that is always ON till the main power switch is off?

Answer: QCTL.

Q4:What us the command to shutdown the AS/400 server?

Answer: PWRDWNSYS with parameter *IMMED.

Q5:Which are the system libraries always present in the library list?

Answer: QTEMP and QGPL.

Q6:Which users are allowed to manipulate system libraries?


Q7:How can we know the triggers associated with the PF?

Answer: DSPF with parameter TYPE(*TRG).

Q8:How can we add and remove trigger to PF?


Q9:What does print writer do?

Answer: It is a system job that selects file from the output queue and prints them on a printer. It provides the interface between spool files in output queue and the printer.

Q10:Can a subroutine contain another subroutine?

Answer: No.

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