Job Queue (JOBQ) in AS400

JOB Queue (JOBQ) in AS400
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JOB Queue (JOBQ) in AS400

Introduction to Job Queue (JOBQ)

Job Queue is an object of type *JOBQ in AS400 and all the submitted jobs go in the Job Queue and wait for their turn to be processed.

WRKOBJ for JOBQ object

Use the following command to look for specific JOBQ.


JOBQ object using work with objects.

Opt  Object      Type      Library     Attribute   Text  
     EASYCLASS   *JOBQ     QGPL                          

Work with Job Queue (WRKJOBQ)

The Work with Job Queue (WRKJOBQ) command allows displays the overall status of all the Job Queues or the detailed status of a particular Job queue.

Parameters of WRKJOBQ command


Possible values are Job queue name, Generic Job queue name like EASYCLAS*, Qualified Job queue name (qualified with the library), *ALL. For Qualified library name (*LIBL, *CURLIB, *ALL can be specified).

Here, *LIBL means All libraries in the library list are searched for the Job Queue object. *CURLIB means the current library is searched if it's specified. If not specified QGPL library is searched for the Job queue object. *ALL means All libraries in the system including QSYS gets searched for the Job Queue object.


Possible values are * to display the status of the specified Job queue, *PRINT to print the status of the specified Job queue.

Display Status Information of specific(QINTER) Job Queue

The below command will display the detailed status information about the job queue QINTER in library QGPL.


Each below job in the Job queue is identified by Job Name, User, Job Number, its priority and we can also see its status.

                             Work with Job Queue                    
Queue:   QINTER         Library:   QGPL           Status:   RLS/SBS 
Type options, press Enter.                                          
  2=Change   3=Hold   4=End   5=Work with   6=Release               
Opt     Job            User           Number     Priority     Status
        PRTLIB         MADASU06       394000        5          HLD  
        EXPITMSJOB     ANOOJA12       479267        5          HLD  
        EXPITMSJOB     ANOOJA12       481475        5          HLD  
        EXPITMSJOB     ANOOJA12       481613        5          HLD  
        EXPITMSJOB     ANOOJA12       481626        5          HLD  
        EXPITMSJOB     ANOOJA12       483067        5          HLD  
        EXPITMSJOB     ANOOJA12       483453        5          HLD  
        MAINSCREEN     GOUSE02        495062        5          HLD  

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