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AS400 Interview Questions - Part 11

AS400 Interview questions and Answers
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AS400 Interview Questions - Part 11

Q1: What is the purpose of the Level check parameter in a physical file?


  • LVLCHK parameter in CRTPF is used to specify whether level identifier gets checked while opening the file in the program.
  • Its value could be *YES or *NO. 

Q2: What is file information data structure in AS400?


  • INFDS is used to make file information to the program.
  • Error exceptions are available to program using this.

Q3: What is the program status data structure in AS400?


  • PSDS makes exceptions available in the program. 1 PSDS per module as it has to be defined in the main source section.

Q4: What is Array in AS400? What are the types of Array?


  • Array stores the identical elements.
  • Types of Arrays
    • Compile-Time Array.
    • Pre-Run Time Array.
    • Run Time Array.

Q5: What is the difference between Non-Join LF and Join LF?


  • Non-Join LF
    • Perform Insert, Update, Delete.
    • DFU is available.
    • Up to 32 record formats.
    • perform Commitment control.
  • Join LF
    • Cannot perform Insert, Update, Delete.
    • DFU is not available.
    • 1 record format.
    • Cannot perform Commitment control.

Q6: What is the Access path in AS400?


  • Access path describes the order in which records are to be read. 
  • Permanent access paths (LF)
  • Temporary access paths (OPNQRYF)

Q7: What are the record format field mapping options in CPYF?


  • *MAP
  • *DROP
  • *NOCHK

Q8: What is the default access path of a file?


  • Immediate maintenance access path.

Q9: Can level check error occurs if we do CHGPF?


  • No, It depend upon LVLCHK parameter in command CRTPF.

Q10: How can we arrange duplicate records in a file?


  • FCFO
  • FIFO
  • LIFO

Q11: How to see all record formats used in a file?



Q12: How to see all members of a file?



Q13: What is the Source physical file?


  • It stores the source members.
  • CRTSRCPF command is used to create this.

Q14: Is QGPL a User library or System library?


  • User library.

Q15: What is a library in AS400? What are the types of libraries?


  • Library stores objects.
  • Types of libraries
    • System
    • Product
    • Current
    • User

Q16: How many libraries can be there in Library List?


  • 40 in total (15 system and 25 Users)

Q17: What is RPG?


  • High-level language.
  • Report program generator.

Q18: What is data area and how it is used in RPG?


  • Data area is an object and used to store data.
  • Used to share data within different programs.
  • IN and OUT in RPG for accessing data area.

Q19: Which program RPG or CL is efficient to update a transaction onto a database file and why?


  • Not easily perform such operation in CL and hence opt for RPG.

Q20: What is the purpose of Indicators in RPG?


  • Used in Result.
  • Used with Conditions
  • Control level Indicators.

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