Using Quotes in CL

Using Quotes in CL.

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Using Quotes in CL 

Introduction to Quotation mark in CL

"Quote" means one character (') which is sometimes described as an apostrophe or a tick or a quotation mark. "Double quote" also means one character ("), which is sometimes described as a quotation mark. Do not confuse it with two single quotes ('').

Rule for using Quotation mark in a CL string

  • If a character string contains single quotation mark then two single quotation mark must be entered consecutively to indicate that it is a single quotation mark.
  • Program for using quotes (embedded quotes) and quote variable

                  DCL        VAR(&QUOTE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(1) VALUE('''')                  
                  DCL        VAR(&Msg) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20)                               
                  /* Hello 'i'                                       */                  
                  CHGVAR     VAR(&MSG) VALUE('Hello ''i''')                              
                  SNDPGMMSG  MSG(&MSG)                                                   
                  /* Hi 'i'                                       */                     
                  CHGVAR     VAR(&MSG) VALUE('Hi' *CAT &quote +                          
                             *CAT 'i' *CAT &quote)                                      
                  SNDPGMMSG  MSG(&MSG)                                                   


  • Embedding Quotation mark in CL string.
  •  CHGVAR     VAR(&MSG) VALUE('Hello ''i''')   

    Here, the first quotation mark tells the start of the string and the last quotation mark tell the end of the string. Within that Value we have 4 quotation mark i.e. 2 before "i" letter and 2 after it that means the finl value as per the rule in &MSG variable would be Hello 'i'.

  • Using Quote variable with CL string during concatenation.
  •               DCL        VAR(&QUOTE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(1) VALUE('''')   

    Here, we are declaring the QUOTE variable of type character and length 1 whose value is single quote (') but as per rule we need to initialize it with 2 single quotes to get one single quote value in the variable.

                  CHGVAR     VAR(&MSG) VALUE('Hi' *CAT &quote +                          
                             *CAT 'i' *CAT &quote)            

    Here, we are doing concat with QUOTE variable and the final value in &MSG variable would be Hi 'i'.

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