IFS directories in IBM i

This article contains information about IFS directories.
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Directories on IFS in IBM i

What is IFS directory

A Directory is a special object through which the listing of information about other objects that are arranged in a hierarchical structure and attached to it.IFS directory allows us to access files, directories, libraries and objects.

Different Types of Directories

  • QDLS

    A library of type *LIB on IBM i is an object that is used as a system directory to keep track of other objects and it is treated as a sub-directory. It provides you with access to database files and all of the other IBM i object types that the library supports.

     Opt   Object link            Type             Attribute    Text               
           QIBM                   DIR                                              
           QNTC                   DIR                                              
           QOpenSys               DIR                                              
           QOPT                   DIR                                              
           QSR                    DIR                                              
           QSYS.LIB               DIR              PROD         System Library     
           QTCPTMM                DIR                                              
           QXDALISTEN             SOCKET                                           


    The QDLS file system supports the folders structure and provides access to documents and folders.

     Opt   Object link            Type             Attribute    Text       
           lib                    SYMLNK->DIR                              
           lib64                  SYMLNK->DIR                              
           tmp                    DIR                                      
           usr                    DIR                                      
           var                    DIR                                      
           www                    DIR                                      
           wwwsrv                 DIR                                      
           QDLS                   DIR                                      
           QFileSvr.400           DIR                                      

    Concept of Current Directory

    The Current Directory contains a list of objects that are attached to it.

    Home Directory

    The home directory is used as the current directory when you sign on to the system. It is associated with the user profile. If a directory by that name does not exist on the system, the home directory is changed to the “root” (/) directory.

     Opt   Object link            Type             Attribute    Text         
           .                      DIR                                        
           ..                     DIR                                        
           _welcome.txt           STMF                                       
           bin                    SYMLNK->DIR                                
           dev                    DIR                                        
           etc                    DIR                                        
           home                   DIR                                        
           imgclg                 DIR                                        
           instancecache          DIR                                        

    To change the directory using CHGCURDIR/CHDIR() API FCHDIR() API

    Provided directories

  • /temp
  • /temp creates the temporary objects

  • /home
  • /home is used as the current directory when you sign on to the system.

  • /etc
  • Stores administrative, configuration, other system files

  • /usr
  • Includes sub-directories that contain information that can be use by the system.

  • /usr/bin
  • Contains the standard utility programs.

  • /QIBM
  • /QIBM directory is a system directory used for Licensed Program user data.

  • /QIBM/PRODATA system directory used for Licensed Program data.

  • System directory used for Licensed Program user data such as configuration files.

  • They contain the same information as /QIBM, /QIBM/PRODATA, /QIBM/USRDATA only difference is they are based on UNIX

  • /asp_name/QIBM
  • /asp_name/QIBM/USRDATA
  • same as/QIBM and /QIBM/USRDATA , the only difference the one starts with ASP name will be applicable for the machines where independent ASP(Auxiliary storage pool) are installed.

  • /dev
  • Contains system files and directories.

  • /dev/xti
  • Contains the UDP and TCP device drivers.

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