Introduction to CL (Control Language)

Introduction to CL (Control Language)
Introduction to CL (Control Language), CL,CL command, CLLE, CLP , CL basics,
Introduction to CL (Control Language)

Control Language (CL)

Control Language (CL) allows AS400 programmers or administrators to write CL programs using IBM i commands or other IBM-supplied commands. We can create user-defined CL commands too.

The control language is the set of all commands using which a user or programmer or system administrator can request IBM i operating system functions.

The control language is the primary interface to the AS400 operating system. CL can be used at different workstations by the user, program, or procedures or in batch or in interactive mode. A single CL statement is known as the CL command.

CL command can be entered and executed using the below ways:

  • From the command line or the command entry display on IBM i green screen Workstations (Interactively).
  • From Batch Jobs.
  • From CL programs object source statements.
  • Please note that all the commands have to prompt support with default values and validity checking for most parameters to ensure that the values are entered correctly before any command gets executed.

    The system provides a large number of menus that allows us to perform many system functions by selecting different menu options, different types of messages and Message Queues, and CL commands

    CL command names

    It consists of a combination of verbs or actions followed by a noun or phrase.

    Command = verb + object acted on

    For Example: CRTLIB, DLTLIB, DSPLIB.

    CL command verb abbreviations

    List of CL commands with their abbreviations and meaning. There are many abbreviations out of which some of the most commonly used abbreviations are listed here.

    CL command verbs
    Verb abbreviation Description
    ADD Add
    CHG Change
    CRT Create
    DLT Delete
    DSP Display
    END End
    RMV Remove
    STR Start
    WRK Work With
    ALC Allocate
    CLR Clear
    CPY Copy
    DLC Deallocate
    DLY Delay
    DMP Dump
    DUP Duplicate
    FND Find
    HLD Hold
    OVR Override
    WRK Work With
    RNM Rename
    RST Restore
    RTV Retrieve
    SAV Save
    SBM Submit
    SET Set
    RST Restore

    Parts of CL commands

    It includes a command label(optional), command name (mnemonic), and one or more parameters (Keyword and value).

    CL commands on IBM i object

    CL command with IBM i objects
    CL commands Description
    ADD Add
    CHG Change
    CRT Create
    DLT Delete
    DSP Display
    WRK Work With

    CL commands on multiple IBM i objects

    Some of the CL commands are listed here.

    CL command with multiple IBM i objects
    CL commands Description
    DSPOBJD Display object description
    SAVOBJ Sagve object
    RSTOBJ Restore object
    MOVOBJ Move object
    RNMOBJ Rename object

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