AS400 Interview Questions - Part 3

AS400 Interview questions and Answers

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AS400 Interview questions - Part 3

Q1: What is the maximum length of a variable name in the CL program?


  • 11

Q2: How can we display data from a flat-file?



Q3: Difference between READC and SFLNXTCHG?


  • READC for reading a changed record only once.
  • SFLNXTCHG was used with READC to read changed records multiple times.

Q4: Difference between ITER and DO?


    • ITER is a branching statement and control jump to ENDDO.
    • DO is a looping statement.

    Q5: Difference between RENAME and PREFIX?


        • RENAME is used to rename the record format in the RPG program.
        • PREFIX is used to rename file fields in the RPG program.

        Q6: How to debug a job that is in MSGW state?


        • STRSRVJOB and then STRDBG.

        Q7: How do you pass parameters in CL program?


        • PARM keyword

        Q8: What is a spool file?


        • Printed output placed at OUTQ.

        Q9: What does EXFMT do?


          • WRITE then READ.

          Q10: What is the default data type of DS subfields in RPGLE?


            • Zoned

            Q11: What is the default data type for decimal 0 in PF?


              • Packed

              Q12: What is the difference between PACKED and ZONED decimal?


                • Packed - 1 digit - 1 byte
                • Zoned - 1 digit - 2 byte

                Q13: What is the difference between DOW and DOU loop?


                  • DOW loop executes only when the condition is TRUE.
                  • DOU loop executed at least once even if the condition is FALSE.

                  Q14: How do you read a DSPF and Database file in CL program?


                  • RCVF command

                  Q15: How do you declare more than one file in CL program?


                  • Using DCLF and OPNID (open identifier) 

                  Q16: How do you declare a file with graphic fields in CL program?


                  • ALWGRAPHIC(*YES) with DCLF command

                  Q17: Why do we use %SST in CL program?


                  • To extract data from a string.

                  Q18: What is the difference between SFLPAG and SFLSIZ?


                  • SFLPAG is the number of records displayed on a Subfile screen at a time.
                  • SFLSIZ is the total number of records that can be loaded in a Subfile.

                  Q19: Is the module executable?


                  • No.

                  Q20: Can we call a module?


                  • CALLB

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