Menus in AS400

Menus in AS400
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Menus in AS400

Introduction to AS400 menus

In this blog, we will discuss several menus available in the AS400 system which actually group similar commands and provide access to the system functions. All menus have names displayed on the top left corner of the menu screen. Also, every single menu has provided the command line where we can opt for any options.

We use the GO command followed by the menu name to access any specific menu.

List all menus

Use the following command to list out all the available menus in the AS400 system.

GO *ALL, menu in as400, ibmi menu, browse as400 menu, list all as400 menu using GO command

MAIN menu

The MAIN menu is displayed at first when we sign on to the IBM i system. We can access the MAIN menu at any time by executing the command GO MAIN from the command line.

MAIN                           IBM i Main Menu     
Select one of the following:                       
     1. User tasks                                 
     2. Office tasks                               
     3. General system tasks                       
     4. Files, libraries, and folders              
     5. Programming                                
     6. Communications                             
     7. Define or change the system                
     8. Problem handling                           
     9. Display a menu                             
    10. Information Assistant options              
    11. IBM i Access tasks                         
    90. Sign off                                   
Selection or command                               

There is a menu option from 1 till 11 and at last 90 for SIGN OFF. We can opt for any option at any time. We will select options 1, 2, and 3 on the MAIN menu for now.

USER menu

Take option 1 on the command line on the MAIN menu will open the USER menu.

 USER                              User Tasks   
 Select one of the following:                   
      1. Display or change your job             
      2. Display messages                       
      3. Send a message                         
      4. Submit a job                           
      5. Work with your spooled output files    
      6. Work with your batch jobs              
      7. Display or change your library list    
      8. Change your password                   
      9. Change your user profile               
     60. More user task options                 
     90. Sign off                               
 Selection or command                           


Take option 2 on the command line on the MAIN menu will open the OFCTSK menu.

OFCTSK                           Office Tasks  
Select one of the following:                   
     2. IBM i Access tasks                     
     3. Decision support                       
     4. Office security                        
     5. Work with directory entries            
     6. Documents                              
     7. Folders                                
Selection or command                           


Take option 3 on the command line on the MAIN menu will open the SYSTEM menu.

SYSTEM                       General System Tasks  
Select one of the following:                       
     1. Jobs                                       
     2. Status                                     
     3. Display system operator messages           
     4. Messages                                   
     5. Files, libraries, and folders              
     6. Save                                       
     7. Restore                                    
     8. Device operations                          
     9. Communications                             
    10. Security                                   
    60. More system task options                   
Selection or command                               

MAJOR menu

Run the GO MAJOR command to open this menu.

MAJOR                        Major Command Groups           
Select one of the following:                                
     1. Select Command by Name                              
     2. Verb Commands                                       
     3. Subject Commands                                    
     4. Object Management Commands                          
     5. File Commands                                       
     6. Save and Restore Commands                           
     7. Work Management Commands                            
     8. Data Management Commands                            
     9. Security Commands                                   
    10. Print Commands                                      
    11. Spooling Commands                                   
    12. System Control Commands                             
    13. Program Commands                                    
Selection or command                                        
F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F9=Retrieve   F12=Cancel   F13=Informa
F16=System Main menu                                        

VERB menu

Run the GO VERB command to open this menu.

VERB                            Verb Commands                                   
Select one of the following:                                                    
     1. Add Commands                                                CMDADD      
     2. Allocate Commands                                           CMDALC      
     3. Answer Commands                                             CMDANS      
     4. Analyze Commands                                            CMDANZ      
     5. Apply Commands                                              CMDAPY      
     6. Ask Commands                                                CMDASK      
     7. Auditing Commands                                           CMDAUD      
     8. Call Commands                                               CMDCALL     
     9. Configuration Commands                                      CMDCFG      
    10. Change Commands                                             CMDCHG      
    11. Check Commands                                              CMDCHK      
    12. Close Commands                                              CMDCLO      
    13. Clear Commands                                              CMDCLR      
    14. Compare Commands                                            CMDCMP      
Selection or command                                                            

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