AS400 Interview Questions (DB2) - Part 2

DB2 AS400 Interview questions and Answers

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AS400 Interview Question (DB2) - Part 2

Q1: What is the purpose of creating a multi-record format file in real-time?


Multi record format LF in AS400:

  • Combine more than one PF record format.
  • Only one file definition is required in the program.
  • Make the RPG program simpler.
  • Can access data from multiple PF's in one read operation.

Q2: Why do we use DYNSLT (Dynamic Select) keyword in LF?


DYNSLT is a file-level keyword and can only be used in LF.

  • SELECT and OMIT(Filter data) in LF are done at Run Time.
  • Program read file(At that time all records are tested for SELECT and OMIT criteria).
  • Used with LF with no key and wants to use SELECT and OMIT criteria.
  • If you don't want to maintain the access path. 

Q3: What is the purpose of using the ALWNULL keyword?


ALWNULL is a field-level keyword.

  • Used with a field in DDS PF to allow NULL values.
  • SQL Table default is NULL.
  • DDS PF default is NOT NULL.

Q4: What is the use of multi-member PF in real-time?


maintaining monthly or yearly data in a multi-member PF in separate members etc.

  • CRTPF command used to create PF and by default one member with the same name.
  • We can change the member names at PF creation time.
  • No member means we cannot store data in PF.
  • Multimember PF has more than one member.
  • ADDPFM command is used to add members to PF.
  • Set MAXMBRD parameter as more than 1 (In Create command).

Q5: How to get updated rows to count after executing UPDATE statement?


SQLCA field SQLERRD gives you the updated rows count.

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