Job Log in AS400

Job Log in AS400
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Job Log in AS400

Job Log

Each job whether it's interactive or batch has an associated job log. Job log contains the following information

  1. The commands in the Job.
  2. The commands in a CL program when the LOGCLPGM (*YES) set using Change Job (CHGJOB) command.
  3. All the messages and information related to the job.

Turn Off Job Log for a specific Job

We can turn off the job log for specific jobs with the help of the following commands.


The default value for LOG is *JOBD *JOBD *JOBD

Use of Job Log

  • Job Log is used to track the job whether it is completed normally without errors or anything abnormal happened with the job.

    Please read about the DSPJOBLOG command from the following article

  • Display Job Log (DSPJOBLOG) in AS400
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