AS400 Interview Questions - Part 4

AS400 Interview questions and Answers

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AS400 Interview questions - Part 4

Q1: How we can check the number of records in a file using the CL command?


  • DSPFD and refer to Total records.
  • RTVMBRD command and parameter NBRCURRCD.

Q2: Difference between SFLINZ and SFLCLR?


  • SFLINZ - clear Subfile and initialize Subfile fields
  • SFLCLR - clear Subfile.

Q3: Difference between Fully procedural file and Primary file?


  • Fully procedural file- we can read any record.
  • Primary file -Read all records (first till the end).

Q4: What is a Journal?


    • The object keeps track of changes made in a database file.

    Q5: What is the final status of the Job?


        • OUTQ

        Q6: Difference between CHAIN and READE?


        • CHAIN - look for the exact record in a file.
        • READE - Read equal records.

        Q7: Advantage of using Externally described files over Internally described files?


        • Externally described files are separate from the program and can be reusable in the whole application.
        • Require less coding etc.

        Q8: What is the output of the following?

        DVAR1 s 5P 0 DVAR2 s 5P 1 /Free VAR1 = *LOVAL; VAR2 = *HIGHVAL; /End-Free


        • VAR1 = -99999
        • VAR2 = 9999.9

        Q9: Which built-in function would you use to achieve the below result?

        /Free IF VAR1 < 0; VAR1 = VAR1 * -1; ENDIF; /End-Free


        • %ABS bif.

        Q10: What is the significance of UDATE?


        • Job Date Format
        • Tells at which time job gets fired or becomes Active in the IBM i system.

        Q11: What is DDM?


        • Distributed data management function of OS400. It allows our application program to access the files present on remote systems.

        Q12: How to retrieve the attribute of a Job?


        • RTVJOBA

        Q13: What are system objects required for Journaling?


        • Journal
        • Journal Receiver
        • Database File(PF)

        Q14: Difference between Journaling and Commitment control?


          • Journal is used to record changes in a database file.
          • Commitment control allows us to execute various changes to database files as a single unit.
          • The file opened for input in a commitment control need not be journaled. However, if it's open for output in a commitment control needs to be journaled otherwise error occurs.

          Q15: How to check active jobs in the system?


            • WRKACTJOB

            Q16: How to create a user-defined command?


            • CRTCMD

            Q17: How to lock a data area after updating it?


            • OUT *LOCK

            Q18: How to retrieve data area value in CL and RPG?


            • In CL - RTVDTAARA
            • In RPG - IN

            Q19: How to change data area value in CL and RPG?


            • In CL - CHGDTAARA
            • In RPG - OUT

            Q20: What is the type and length of *LDA?


            • Type - CHAR
            • Length - 1024

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