Output Queue (OUTQ) in AS400

Output Queue (OUTQ) in AS400
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Output Queue (OUTQ) in AS400

Introduction to Output Queue

An output queue is an object of type *OUTQ in the AS400 system that provides the place for the spooled files to wait for printing. Output queues are either created by the system or user.

When a printer is configured to the system, the system creates an output queue for that printer in the QUSRSYS library. System-created OUTQs are called device OUTQs and have the same name as the printer device.

Create Output Queue (CRTOUTQ)

You can create a new output queue for spooled files using the command CRTOUTQ. Here you need to specify out queue name and library name in which you want to create an OUTQ object. An entry is placed in the output queue for each spooled file.

Use the below command to create an OUTQ named OUTQ1 in library EASYCLASS1. Since SEQ(*FIFO) is specified, the spooled file would be placed in FIFO order on the OUTQ.


Object OUTQ1 was created and can be seen with the Work with Objects (WRKOBJ OUTQ1) command.

                               Work with Objects                             
 Type options, press Enter.                                                  
   2=Edit authority        3=Copy   4=Delete   5=Display authority   7=Rename
   8=Display description   13=Change description                             
 Opt  Object      Type      Library     Attribute   Text                     
      OUTQ1       *OUTQ     EASYCLASS1              Test OutQ                

At any time, You can use the CHGOUTQ command to change Output queue attributes and the DLTOUTQ command to delete the output queue.

Work with output Queue (WRKOUTQ)

WRKOUTQ command allows the user to display all, specific or generic outq overall status.

Work with Status Information for Specific(QPRINT) Output Queue


This command displays the Work with Output Queue panel for output queue QPRINT in the QGPL library. We can see each spooled file on the QPRINT output queue is displayed.

                            Work with Output Queue                            
Queue:   QPRINT         Library:   QGPL           Status:   RLS               
Type options, press Enter.                                                    
  1=Send   2=Change   3=Hold   4=Delete   5=Display   6=Release   7=Messages  
  8=Attributes        9=Work with printing status                             
Opt  File        User        User Data   Sts   Pages   Copies  Form Type   Pty
     QSYSPRT     DICKEN      PR488R      RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     QPDSPAJB    GARNESH                 RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     QPDSPAJB    GARNESH                 RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     QPDSPAJB    GARNESH                 RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     QPDSPAJB    GARNESH                 RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     QPDSPAJB    GARNESH                 RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     QPDSPAJB    GARNESH                 RDY       1       1   *STD         5 
     TESTFREE    CHRISTOPH               RDY       4       1   *STD         5 
     TESTPROG    CHRISTOPH               RDY       7       1   *STD         5 

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