AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 29

AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 29
AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 29,  ovrdbf, opnqryf, qryslt, job log, as400 job attributes, job description, jobd, ddm, distributed data management, QGPL, QTEMP, QSYS, QUSRTOOL, QCBL, QRPG, concat keyword in logical file
AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 29

Q1:What is DDM?

Answer: Distributed Data Management is a function of the OS/400 that allows an application program or user on one system to use database files stored on remote systems.

Q2:Name few IBM supplied libraries?


Q3:How many libraries can be there in library list?

Answer: Total 40(15 system and 25 application libraries)

Q4:Can fields be concatenated in a logical file level?

Answer: Yes, by using CONCAT keyword.

Q5:What is Job description?

Answer: A JOBD defines an environment in which a batch or interactive job executed.

Q6:What are the 2 main attributes that govern the execution of a job?

Answer: Run time priority and Time slice.

Q7:What is a Job log?

Answer: A job log is a file that contains a detailed record of the execution details of a job. It is comprised of both system and application messages. By examining job logs, you can see the life cycle of a batch job, including output from the batch applications themselves.

Q8:How to create files dynamically without DDS?

Answer: OPNQRYF.

Q9:What is he purpose of OPNQRYF?

Answer: OPNQRYF is used to select certain records of the database files based on the QRYSLT(Query select) condition.

Q10:What command must be executed before executing OPNQRYF command?

Answer: OVRDBF (Override database file).

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