AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 28

AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 28
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AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 28

Q1:What are the necessary keywords for the join logical file?


Q2:What is the necessary keyword for Non-Join logical file?

Answer: PFILE.

Q3:What is the use of UNIQUE keyword and at what level it is defined?

Answer: It will restrict to enter duplicate key values. It is defined at File level.

Q4:At what level S and O are defined and what they will do?

Answer: S and O are defined at key field level. It is used to select and Omit records and is only allowed in the logical files(LF).

Q5:What is the difference between packed decimal and zoned decimal?

Answer: Packed decimal occupies 1 byte per digit and Zoned decimal occupies 2 bytes per digit.

Q6:What is the default data type if you define decimal '0' in physical file?

Answer: Packed decimal.

Q7:What is the default data type for the sub-fields defined in a data structurs in RPG?

Answer: Zoned decimal.

Q8:Is it possible to create a physical file without DDS?

Answer: Yes using CRTPF command and provide the record length.

Q9:How many specifications are there in RPG/400 and what are they?

Answer: There are 7 specifications in RPG/400.

  • Header specification
  • File description specification
  • Extension specification
  • Line counter specification
  • Input specification
  • Calculation specification
  • Output specification
  • Q10:Whcih single RPG opcode performs both SETLL and READE?

    Answer: CHAIN.

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