AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 26

AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 26
AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 26, batch job, qbatch, spool subsystem, outq, jobq, subsystem, qinter, qspl, qcmn, qctl, qbase, types of subsystem, crtdupobj, cpyf, cpysplf, level check parameter in physical file, *INZSR and return, printer file, prtf, overflow in printer file, sflrna
AS400 Interview Questions and Answers part 26

Q1:What is the use of SFLRNA keyword?

Answer: Make subfile record format inactive.

Q2:How can you detect overflow for a print program?

Answer: Specify the indicators 0A through 0G and 0V in 33-34 columns in a printer file definition in F specs in RPG program. This indicator automatically set ON whenever overflow occurs.

Q3: When PGM1 calls PGM2 for the first time PGM2 executes the *INZSR subroutine. PGM2 uses the RETURN opcode to return to the PGM1. When PGM1 calls the PGM2 for the second time is the *INZSR subroutine executed?

Answer: No.

Q4: What is the purpose of Level Check parameter in a physical file?

Answer: It specified whether the level identifiers of the record formats in a pf are checked when the file is opened by the program.

Q5: What is CPYSPLF command?

Answer: Used to copy spool file to the database file.

Q6: What is CPYF command?

Answer: Copy the data from one file to other.

Q7: What is CRTDUPOBJ command?

Answer: Create the replica from the original object.

Q8: What is Subsystem?

Answer: Subsystem provides specialized environment to complete the execution of jobs.

Q9: What are the different types of Subsystem?


Q10: Define a batch job?


  • User request the job.
  • Job is created. (job name and attributes assigned and allocated)
  • Job is placed on a job queue.
  • Subsystem QBATCH picks the job from the job queue and starts it.
  • Output generated by the batch job is placed on an output queue.
  • Spool subsystem prints the output on the output queue.
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