Maximum capacities in AS400

Maximum capacities in AS400
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Maximum capacities in AS400

There are some system's maximum capacities and system limitations that we must know in advance before experiencing any surprise.

Limits Maximum value
Maximum number of spool files per job 999999
Maximum number of jobs in a subsystem 2147483647
Maximum number of active subsystem 32767
Maximum number of jobs on the system 970000
The maximum length of a password 128
Maximum number of objects saved using save or
restore command
The maximum number of journal receiver associated
with one journal
Maximum number of objects associated
with one journal
Maximum number of libraries in the system
part of the library list
Maximum number of libraries in user
part of the library list
Maximum size of a stream file approx. 1 terabyte
Schema Name limit 128 chars
Minimum SMALLINT value -32768
Maximum SMALLINT value +32767
Minimum INTEGER value -2147483648
Maximum INTEGER value +2147483647
Minimum BIGINT value -9223372036854775808
Maximum BIGINT value +9223372036854775807
Maximum DECIMAL position 63
The maximum length of the JSON document 2147483647 bytes
Minimum DATE value 0001-01-01
Maximum DATE value 9999-12-31
Minimum TIME value 00:00:00
Maximum TIME value 24:00:00
Minimum TIMESTAMP value 0001-01-01-
Maximum TIMESTAMP value 9999-12-31-
Maximum number of columns in a table 8000
Maximum number of constraints on the table 5000
Maximum number of columns in a UNIQUE constraint 120
Maximum number of triggers on the table 300
Number of key fields in a file 120 fields
Number of physical file members in logical file member 32 members
Size of zoned decimal or packed decimal field 63 digits
Maximum number of members in the physical or logical file 32767

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