ALIAS (Alternative Name) keyword for display files

ALIAS (Alternative Name) keyword for display files
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ALIAS keyword in DSPF

ALIAS keyword is used in display file to specify an alternative name for a field. It is a field level keyword.

Syntax of ALIAS Keyword used in display files


Once we compile the program the the alternative name is used in the program instead of the DDS field name.

The alias name should be different from all other alias names and from all other DDS field names in the record format.


     A          R RCD1
     A            FLD1          25A     1  5ALIAS(FIELD1)    

Here, in DDS of DSPF having record format is defined as RCD1 having field FLD1 defined with alias name FIELD1. Program will make use alternative name FIELD1 instead of DDS field FLD1.

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